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Twigs Twisted Flower & Foliage Co.

Based in Langley/Vancouver, BC. We are wholesale supplier to florists of unique botanicals grown organically. A boutique botanical farm for those seeking unique artisanal florals & foliage year round.


We are an 1.3 acres of artisanal flowers and foliage in a beautifully designed botanical space.  There are thousands of varieties to choose from. Primarily I am a wholesale supplier of floral and foliage botanicals. I deliver and have a large cool shed for onsite shopping,  If you wish to purchase retail you may request a contact list of Floral Companies I supply to or sign up for my CSA.


From time to time I will be at the Langley Farmers Market.  Message me if you wish to be on an email fanout to let you know I am there. You may enjoy the day to day fun I have farming on my TwigsTwisted Instagram.  Thanks for visiting my site!


Book a complimentary site visit or order a la carte delivers here!

Bunches Available Now
Priced at $2, $3, $5 per stem
Flower accessories for Sale
By Appointment
1-On-1 Workshop Flower School

We have decided to start our flower school in 2020. In this 3 hours session, student would do a flower walk in our 1.3 acres botanical flowers to hand pick and cut your own flowers. During the first hour, you’ll get to walk with Joanne, the founder of TwigsTwisted, and learn about the flowers as she teaches you with her full passion.


For the second hour – flower designs. With the flowers students hand picked earlier, students would get to interact with a florist and learn how to put together flowers for events such as weddings, engagement, and etc. You’ll also learn about colouring, and ask industry-related questions with your instructors as well. The instructor(s) are some of the most famous and reputable florists in Vancouver area.


For the last 30 mins, a professional photographer will come in to document and do a short photoshoot with you. You’ll receive 15-20 amazingly edited professional photos for all the hard work you have put into. Not only will you get to show off what you’ve done, these photos will go along well in your portfolio too!


For a list and description of participated florists designers, and photographer, please click the button below for more details.