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About Twigs Twisted Botanical Garden

Twigs Twisted Flower & Foliage Co.

Established in 2015 in Langley, BC, Canada. We started our journey as flower wholesale supplier to florist of unique botanicals grown organically. We are now situated on a 1.3 acres boutique botanical farm for those seeking unique artisanal florals & foliage year round. We welcome anyone to check out what we’ve done with our botanical farm! Anyone can book a complimentary farm visit via our contact form.

Twigs Twisted Founder – Joanne

I’ve started my journey as a botanical farmer 30 years ago. It was only until recently that I started to take this into a different level. My mission is always to grow flowers and foliage as best as I can possible grow them in Canada’s weather condition. I’ve also grown flowers that’s considered very hard to grow in west coast of Canada. So if you come visit our botanical farm, you’ll find some of the tallest & healthiest flowers you’ve ever seen them in Canada. Needless to say, this botanical garden is my pride and joy.


Message me if you wish to be on an email fanout to let you know I am there. You may enjoy the day to day fun I have farming on my TwigsTwisted Instagram. Thanks for visiting my site!

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Our Botanical Garden